Kalibr Technopark invites children to free online courses

Kalibr Technopark invites children to free online courses

Free online workshops started in Kalibr Technopark! Children from 10 years old and adults will be able to take part in it. Classes will be held in the main areas of the technology park courses:

3D modeling and computer animation

You will study what 3D modeling is. Our experienced teachers will talk about the areas in which 3D models are applied, the basic principles for creating 3D models, and much more.

Industrial design and creative thinking

The guests will try themselves in the role of creator and creative designer of the project. They will learn to work in a team, study the basics of planning and virtual modeling, as well as computer programs that will help them in this.

Business activities

The master class will tell you about the basics of entrepreneurship. You will learn what business and entrepreneurship is, learn how to work in a team, master business thinking, learn how to set goals and achieve the most effective result!

UX / Ui interface design

You will study how to develop user-friendly interfaces and solve user problems. You will be able to understand the principles of work of UX / Ui interface designers and get acquainted with a promising modern profession of the present.

For recording and for all questions you need to write in WhatsApp 8 (925) 112-39-40
You can also find out more detailed information from the groups of Kalibr technopark:


Tue, 04/21/2020 - 15:27