Stay at home, and Kalibr Technopark with partners will help you spend your time to good use!

Stay at home, and Kalibr Technopark with partners will help you spend your time to good use!

Kalibr Technopark together with tenants and partners of the technopark have prepared for you a list of opportunities that can be used while sitting at home.

A large number of online courses on the basics of 3D modeling, entrepreneurial activity, Adobe Illustrator, UX / UI interface design, industrial design and creative thinking are planned in the Kalibr children's animation technology park .
Free master classes will be held initially with an introduction to the programs, teacher and tasks.

You just need to contact us:
- Through our groups in social networks
- By phone +7 (495) 730-32-53
- WhatsApp +7 (925) 112-39-40



EnglishDom is an online English language school, one of the leaders of EdTech in Eastern Europe. The main goal of the school is to inspire to learn English through innovative technologies, immersion in the language environment and human care.
EnglishDom gives 1 month of a free premium subscription to the ED Words word training app using the Kalibr promotional code. Pump your English without leaving your home;)

Application download link:

ANO "eNano" will continue to provide all necessary support to Kalibr Technopark in developing the human potential of employees and tenants of the technopark. The company offers all employees and tenants a permanent partner discount of 20% for 2020.
Education at is available online 24/7;
There is no reference to the place; there is no need to arrange a business trip;
The educational process can be organized on the job;
Large selection of free courses, promotions and special offers;
Unlimited and free access to the educational lecture hall;
Based on the results of the course, an electronic certificate or an established form certificate is issued upon completion of the program. License of the Department of Education No. 038412;
Full technical and administrative support;
The authors of the courses are leading practice experts;
The collection of ANO "eNano" contains more than 80 courses developed by leading experts and practitioners, in accordance with modern quality standards of modern distance education on the most relevant topics
View all courses and programs: 

Coworking Kalibr tenants, Inspector Gadgets, have also prepared a DOM promotional code that gives a 10% discount on the entire gadget store assortment. And there is everything you need =) Plus - free delivery when ordering from 5,000 rubles.

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